Shealoe Butter Mousse Recipe

I usually switch up the daily moisturizer I use for my hair since I haven’t really found anything that I LOVE yet. Lately I have been using Twisted Sista, and I liked it, but when I ran out I decided to make my own. A few months ago, I attempted to make shealoe butter (shea butter mixed with aloe vera gel) and it was an epic fail. This time, I did a little research and came across a great recipe for shealoe butter mousse on the blog Diary of a Hair Obsession. I thought I would try it out.

Here is the recipe I used she posted:

Original Ingredients
¼ cup coconut oil
2 heaping tbsp shea butter
2 tbsp aloe vera gel
1 tsp jojoba
1 tsp vegetable glycerin
¼ tsp vitamin E
¼ tsp fragrance oil of your choice

I used what I had and doubled the recipe.

Whitney’s Ingredients

1/2 cup coconut oil
4 heaping tbsp shea butter
4 tbsp aloe vera gel
2 tsp brahmi
3 tsp vegetable glycerin
1 tsp jasmine oil


  1. In a double broiler or a pot of boiling water with a bowl on top I melted together the coconut oil and shea butter until it is just melted.
  2. In a measuring cup, measure out the aloe vera gel.
  3. On medium speed with a hand mixer, start beating the melted shea and coconut oil.  While beating, slowly add the aloe vera gel.  The mixture will start turning white.  Beat for about 3 mins. *Note mine did not turn white lol maybe I did something wrong??
  4. Leave the mixture to cool for about 30 mins.  As it cools it will thicken.
  5. After the 30 minute period beat the mixture for 5 -10 mins to incorporate more air and make it lighter.
  6. Add the vegetable glycerin and brahmi oil.  Whip until completely incorporated.
  7. Add your choice of fragrance oil  and whip again until completely incorporated.
  8. Spoon into a container and store in a cool dry place.

    I let it settle overnight and in the morning I was a little disappointed to find that my mixture hadn’t completely mixed. You could see little chunks of aloe vera gel and shea butter that didn’t settle. I figured that it would be fine if I just rubbed it together in my hands until it mixed, so that’s what I did. I started applying my mousse twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. My hair feels fabulous! I’m usually not a big fan of using shea butter in my hair because I find it too heavy, but this mousse doesn’t make my hair oily at all. My hair usually gets pretty dry after day 3, but when using my mouse it’s still super soft at day 7. I think this is my permanent new moisturizer. The only thing I need to do is find a way to better mix the ingredients together, when I do I’ll report back.


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    • dove says:

      To fix the problem you’re having, you’ll probably want to change how you’re combining your ingredients. The oil/butter mixture should be roughly the same temp as the aloe in order for it to emulsify properly. I would let the oil cool, and warm up the aloe a bit (stirring the oil mixture occasionally as it cools). Whenever I make lotion I make sure the water and oil portions are both almost body temperature before emulsifying them. I heat the oils/butters in my water bath first and when the butters and/or waxes are melted I set that container aside. I put my water portion in a one or two-cup glass liquid measuring cup and set it down in the water bath while the oil portion cools. It doesn’t take long for the water portion to come up to body temp. The oil will take much longer to cool, in comparison. Just keep taking their temperatures and combine them together when they’re around 98 degrees F.

      Also, I would suggest adding the glycerin to the aloe instead of waiting until the end to add the glycerin–since it’s water-based like the aloe. The Brahmi oil should be included in the oil portion instead of waiting until the end since it’s oil-based. Also, if your jasmine oil is truly in an oil base, you might want to add it to the oil/butter mix up-front with the Brahmi oil. It will lose some fragrance that way, though, so I would prefer to use good jasmine essential oil instead of a fragrance oil, and add the EO at the end. You’d use much less EO in that case because they’re so concentrated. I’d use something like 25 drops or so in that much oil.

      Depending on the house environment and how long it takes someone to go through a jar of this, refrigeration might be needed. Canning jars are great for putting such products in because they won’t leach plastic into your creams.

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