The Hair Texture Chart

Do you know your hair type?

It seems that many women are confused about their hair type. Based on the old chart, most black women fall somewhere in 3b to 4c range. Due to many black women now going  natural, the chart has expanded. I figured I would share the complete in-depth version.

Type 1 – Straight

Type 2 – Wavy

Type 3 – Curly (Curls & Spirals)

Type 4 – Kinky(Coils, Undefined Coils) 

Based on the new chart Whitney is a type 4b.

And I am a type 4e.

However, I should note that like most people, Whitney and I have a blend of other hair types as well.  I love this chart because it also references a variety of hair types and shows great examples!

How do you feel about the hair type chart? Do you think its empowering or just another way  to define “good hair” vs “bad hair”?

* Side note* Whitney and I don’t believe there is such a thing as “good” or “bad” hair, but obviously this is still a heated debate in the black community. Speak on it..


  • Sherra says:

    I think it is extremely helpful. It helps to be able to share hair care tips based on hair type. I can read blogs all day about how to care for my hair but if she is a 3c and I’m a 4c that may not benefit me much. As far as the “good vs bad” hair issue, a fact is a fact. If you have loose wavy hair, or thick course hair it is what it is. There is no problem in defining it. It’s your own perception of what it means that causes dissension. (hope that’s the right word). So the chart is not the problem, it’s peoples’ prejudices and ignorance that causes the problem.

  • Patience Scott says:

    I believe this chart is an excellent tool in helping figure out what your natural hair texture is. For instance, I assumed I was a 4a but come to find out I am a 3f. Lot of difference huh? As for the “good” hair vs. “bad”, I think all hair has is good and not so good qualities. The hair texture is not what makes hair “good” or “bad’, its the person whose head it is upon. I have no bias against hair texture, I think all hair it beautiful. So rock your hair like its no ones business. I love my 3f Hair.

  • Maya says:

    Thank you for this :-). I’ve always had a relaxer, so imagine my surprise about my “real” hair texture when I grew my relaxer out over 5 years lol. I have 4e hair (Jill Scott Jr. lol), & I wanted to know if you all know of any products to help define & stretch my hair? Thank you again.

    • Val Schustet says:

      I am looking for the same thing. I believe I may be a 4f so let me know what you discover. Thanks. Val Schuster

  • Courtney says:

    I think it is a shame that we can still argue what is good and bad hair. I define bad hair as hair that has not been taking care of, potentially good hair with a bad owner! I have “bad” hair because I had NO IDEA what to do with this stuff on my head. I am thinking I am a 4e/4f. Not exactly sure but I am highly porous and trying the lock method so my hair will stop laughing when I moisturize it 🙂

  • Courtney says:

    Sorry ladies thats L.O.C method. Here’s a cute video

    • It’s LCO for many. One system doesn’t always work for everyone. Others use Water to moisturize followed by a Leave-in and Pomade/Grease to lock in that moisture. The results, long hair down their mid back or Waist. While the mentioned method brings great results for them it doesn’t work for others. Each person has to find what works for them.

  • Kate says:

    I think the hair typing chart by Andre Walker is stupid because most of them already have styled hair. He also thinks type 4 needs to be chemically altered. I think it is better to go by curly pattern such as corkscrew, spiral or use the mizani hair type chart. This way it is more based on hair with out product. In the past, I been told I need a texturizers because my hair was to thiick. My goal is to grow out my relaxer.

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