How to Make Steamed Salmon – Easy Rice Cooker Meals

Last week, I posted this photo of my lunch to my Instagram Account. The meal was delicious and many of you inboxed to me about the recipe.

The rice cooker is my secret to make steamed salmon in minutes.

How to Make Steamed Salmon – Easy Rice Cooker Meals


While I love grilling and baking fish, it’s often time consuming after a long day at work. I finally found the perfect solution for cooking in a few minutes – the trusty rice cooker. Check out my YouTube video to see my step-by-step steamed salmon recipe.You can purchase a few different rice cookers on Amazon for less than $40! Check out a few of my favorite ones here.


Benefits of Salmon for Hair Growth: 

  • Rich in B vitamins
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids; which help promote hair growth by keep your scalp healthy
  • Contains ample amounts of Vitamin D; which the lack of vitamin D is source of hair loss


How to Make Steam Salmon - Easy Rice Cooker Meals


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