What Am I Craving? Food Cravings Quiz

Do you know what your cravings are?

I surely do. I always crave a sweet and salty food combinations. Food cravings happen to us all but most don’t know cravings tell us something about what our bodies need. Often times, we may not be getting enough of certain nutrient so your body tries to get your attention with a craving. . I took Alexandra Jamieson craving quiz to understand my craving “types,” and how food affects my mood.
Food cravings alexandra jamieson review test


Food Craving Quiz – Alexandra Jamieson

I decided to follow the guidelines for 21 days in order to see how my body and my mood would respond. It’s a great way to cleanse your body especially since the seasons are changing once again. Here is my first video discussing my dosha, food cravings and much more. Take the craving quiz for free: by going here and also follow along with me via instagram @alexandriawill to see up to date meals, tips and much more. You can also find out more information on food cravings with this great article from Webmd “The Facts About Food Cravings.


Check out my video about food cravings below. Enjoy!


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