Bantu Knot Twist Out

About a year ago, I tried bantu knots and they were an epic fail. Then, I saw a bantu knot how to video and the girl did a two strand twist then bantu knotted her hair and hers came out GORGEOUS!  I decided to try that technique this time. I had high hopes.

First, I prepooed, washed, deep conditioned and detangled my hair. Then, I used ecostyler gel for some extra hold and I grabbed medium-sized sections of my hair and  two strand twisted it, then I bantu knotted each twist like so…


They took FOREVER to air dry, about 18 hours! ( I dont use heat on my hair)  When I had to leave the house, I threw on my trusty wig…

Here are the results:

My hair was pretty frizzy here…:( I had my hands in it all day.

Here are a few pics of my hair from the Nappilology Expo I went to that day.

Over all, I liked the results. I wish it was bigger, but it was hard to fluff it out without ruining the curls. Next time, I’ll allow give myself a little extra time to play around with it to get it perfect!



  1. Inspired to try the Bantu Knots, will advise!

  2. yay! go retha!

  3. Elizabeth McInnis says:

    What you think about short hair with the bantu knot. What s a good style when trying to go natural with short hair.

    • Personally, bantu knots didnt work for me when my hair was short. When my hair was short I wore a lot of wash and gos, up dos and wigs because it was so hard to do braid outs and twist outs because they didn’t look right. What length is your hair? I can give you some suggestions and send you a few pictures of hairstyles.

  4. Valerie Rutherford says:

    Hi Whitney, do you remember the name of the youtube tutorial you watched?


  5. I would suggest using a curl cream or light pomade instead of gel for an easier time managing the curls.

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