Bantu Knot Twist Out

About a year ago, I tried bantu knots and they were an epic fail. Then, I saw a bantu knot how to video and the girl did a two strand twist then bantu knotted her hair and hers came out GORGEOUS!  I decided to try that technique this time. I had high hopes.

First, I prepooed, washed, deep conditioned and detangled my hair. Then, I used ecostyler gel for some extra hold and I grabbed medium-sized sections of my hair and  two strand twisted it, then I bantu knotted each twist like so…


They took FOREVER to air dry, about 18 hours! ( I dont use heat on my hair)  When I had to leave the house, I threw on my trusty wig…

Here are the results:

My hair was pretty frizzy here…:( I had my hands in it all day.

Here are a few pics of my hair from the Nappilology Expo I went to that day.

Over all, I liked the results. I wish it was bigger, but it was hard to fluff it out without ruining the curls. Next time, I’ll allow give myself a little extra time to play around with it to get it perfect!


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