3-Day Detox Cleanse by Dr. Oz – Overview and Day 1

In a blink of an eye, it’s the first day of July. Can you believe 2013 has less than 5 months left? With the change of the season, I decided to start Dr. Oz’s 3 day detox on July 1st.

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Many people have been raving about the detox and I figured I’d give it a shot.

coversheet for dr oz detox

The detox consists of 5 smoothies a day for 3 days. Blah!  I like smoothies, shakes and juices but 72 hours with nothing but 3 types of smoothies was not going to cut it. (Plus, I am working out in the Texas heat. No beuno.)

So I altered the plan a little bit. Instead of 5 smoothies a day. I’ll have 2 smoothies and 3 juices every day.

Note: I study nutrition weekly and know my body. I adjusted this plan to fit me.

You can learn all about what I am doing in my most recent Youtube video.  I explain all the changes that I made and how I prepared for the detox. It’s a little long, but I wanted to explain everything I was doing.

Shopping for items dr oz detox

As I did my grocery shopping, I noticed several items I needed for the detox on sale.

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